Is Avail Records accepting demo packages at this time?

No, we are not accepting any unsolicited demos at this time.  All items received will be returned to sender at their expense.

I am a songwriter, can I provide songs for review to be sung by Avail Records artists?

Yes, please be advised that you should be affiliated with one of the major Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's) before submitting such as BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SOCAN, or SOUNDEXCHANGE. It is to your best interest to have your song(s) copyrighted by visiting the U.S. copyright office online. Send your material to the address listed below.

Do I need a manager before submitting a demo package to Avail Records?

No, but if you are serious about your music then you should take the time to research and find out the steps necessary to launch your musical career.

Where do I send my songwriting sample?

Avail Records, Inc
Attn: Demo Submission
6586 Hypoluxo Rd, Ste.141 
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Can I send my music in Mp3/Sonicbids EPK format for review?

Yes, please send us an e-mail requsting Mp3 submission and we will respond back to you simply click 

Will someone contact me after I submit a demo or should I follow up?

If we are interested in your musical submission, then we will follow up with you. 

If I have a question that is not listed, how can I contact someone from Avail Records?

Please click the link below and a representative will contact you.            

Frequently Asked Questions
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